Air-brush Spray Tans Boise, Idaho

At Sugar and Blo we use all-natural organic spray tanning solution. We customize the perfect shade that will be best for your skin type.  One of our trained spray tan specialists will hand spray you for even distribution, leaving you with a perfect glowing sunless tan. Keep your skin beautiful and tan all year round.

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Air-Brush Spray Tans / Sunless Tanning Services

Natural Air Brush Spray Tan

Get your tan on without any harmful rays!


Rapid Air Brush Spray Tan

Same beautiful glow in less time!


Before you spray

Exfoliate and Moisturize

  1. 24 hours before you arrive for your AirBrush Spray Tan, paying particular attention to elbows, knees, ankles and other dry areas.

Sugar or Shave at least 48 hours prior to treatment

  1. This allows the pores time to close. Dotting in pores can occur if Sugared/Shaved too soon before Spray Tan

Don’t apply moisturizer, perfume, deodorant or makeup on the day of application

  1. These products may act as a barrier against your skin and can prevent the tanning product from developing evenly

After care

Wear dark, loose clothing

  1. Tight clothing, underwear or a bra may cause marks and prevent the Spray tan from adhering to the areas with clothing friction.
  2. Wear loose shoes

Shower within timeframe that your Spray Tan artist suggests

  1. If you receive our Medium Spray tan and want a Light Glow, shower in 4 to 6 hours
  2. If you receive our Medium Spray tan and want a Medium Glow shower in 6 to 8 hours (or over night)
  3. If you receive our Dark Spray tan and want a Medium to Dark Glow shower in 4 to 6 hours
  4. If you receive our Dark Spray tan and want a Dark Glow show in 6 to 8 hours (or over night)

Shower protocol after AirBrush Spray Tan

  1. Rinse with cool to warm water, not hot. Do not use your loofah or washcloth
  2. Pat dry using your towel, or air dry.
  3. Apply lotion after every shower. Spray tanned skin loves Moisturizers.

After Day 6 exfoliate with a soft body polish on a daily basis

  1. To help your skin absorb even more moisturizer and keep it looking and feeling gorgeous.
  2. It will also help fade a tan naturally and gradually, rather than in patches