Sugaring Services

Sugaring is the best way to remove hair from your legs, bikini area, face, arms, and everywhere else on your body. Plus it’s completely natural! At Sugar and Blo, our sugaring recipe is made from 3 all-natural ingredients: water, sugar, and lemon juice.

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*FREE sugaring must be redeemed within 4 weeks of the 1st

Sugaring down under

The sweetest method of hair removal available!

woman holding cactus

Brazilian Sugaring

The smoothest option available. Brazilian sugaring includes a complete removal of hair down there.


woman in white bikini

Bikini Sugaring

Surprise protection. Stay ahead of your bikini line by sugaring just a bit inside of it.



woman in white underwear

Bikini Line Sugaring

No stragglers left behind. Maintain your bikini line with precise removal that leaves you smooth.


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Body Sugaring

Sweet hair removal for sexy and smooth skin everywhere

two women


Extra hair bothering you? We can target any undesired hair on your arms to make you feel beautiful.


woman in bikini


Smooth as a baby’s bottom? From cheeks to cracks, we’ve got you covered.


woman in bikini

Full Body

Looking to shed it all? We can sugar everything from your toes to your underarms! (Does not include face)


womans legs


Tired of shaving? Discover an easier, smoother way to perfect legs.


womens legs

Lower Legs

Only half hairy? Let’s smooth things up from your knees to your toes.


woman holding up her arms

Under Arms

No more bumps, we promise. Sugaring will treat your underarms like true VIP. Very important pits.


woman in white bikini


Never look back. This sugaring service will change your life by removing hair from your shoulders to your waist.


woman with white bikini top


Get it off your chest at Sugar and Blo. We’ll carefully remove hair from your neck to your waistline.


woman with white bikini


Crop top favorite. This is a quick removal of that cute fuzz on your belly.


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womens brows

Brow Shaping

Find the perfect shape for your style while complimenting your features.


woman smiling


Chinny chin chin. No more huffing and puffing over those strays.


womans face up close


Feeling fuzzy? Stay smooth and shining with our cheek sugaring.


mans face up close


Ears burning? That’s right, we can remove those pesky ear hairs for you.


womans face

Full Face

Say cheese and smile. We’ll take care of eyebrow, nose, lip, cheek, and chin hair.


womans lips


No more caterpillar lip for you. Be a butterfly with our lip sugaring.


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For Him

smooth isn’t just for her anymore… or is it?

man in swim suit


No more risky business with razors. Our smooth process will leave you silky and bare without accidents.


man in swim suit


Need some backup? We’ll help you rediscover the shape and skin of your back.


naked man


Tired of hair popping out of your collar? Compared to waxing, sugaring will feel like a pinch when removing that pesky chest hair.


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